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From 1996 when Bernie died to 2004, my life entered a life of limbo. I languished on getting through each day, one day at a time, never believing I'd be happy again. In 3004, attending my anxiety Yahoo group online, I ran across Leanne Edwards in an affirmations group that I became a moderator on. We hit it off right away despite the fact that Leanne was in San Francisco while I was in Chicago. In 2006, Leanne flew to Chicago to meet me in March and again in May. We fell even further in love, having so much in common, that Leanne moved to Chicago in July 2006. In September of that year, Leanne and I moved to an apartment of our own with Jacob, our cat. We got engaged in 2009. Life is now wonderful. We don't argue, we talk. We share common quirks. We fold our newspapers. We like intellectual activities and we actively participate in political debates. There is little to no drama in our lives. We both have anxiety problems so we understand that and allow for that. We love options. We have found our soul mates in each other so we hold each other's souls figuratively in our hands very gently. I have reason to believe that Mom was an integral part in Leanne and I finding each other.

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