Bernard Kohn (07/01/63-07/21/96)

Bernie, (as we all knew him) accomplished many things during his short lifetime, but most important to him was his marriage of seven years to Patricia. Patty was the pillar in Bernie's life, bringing him many years of love and joy. Bernie enjoyed his career as a Correctional Officer and through this position attempted to seek further education within the psychology field to better understand the many complexities of human nature. Bernie was involved in athletics to the extent that he was into lifting weights. At one point, he enjoyed playing football and basketball with the neighborhood kids and was proud of the fact he was able to keep up with them and play a good competitive game. Earlier in his life, he enjoyed playing softball with the family. He was very interested in what it took to keep himself in shape, which included nutrition, vitamins, and other things that he discovered as he continued studying physical fitness. Bernie's many friends and family looked forward to his outgoing sense of humor and practical jokes. Bernie was always quick to pick your spirits up, even when his own may not have been up to par. He was always the one in the crowd to liven things up and have everyone laughing. Bernie was persistent in accomplishing his goals and was a "real go-getter." He was proud to graduate high school with honors, proud to complete police academy training, proud to have honor among his fellow officers, proud to be a loving son, proud to be a devoted husband, proud to be a cherished brother, proud to be a loving uncle and godfather, proud to be a trusted friend, proud to be a respected member of his extended families, by most of all Bernie was proud to be loved by all who graced his life. Although just few short months ago Bernie lost his mother and mother-in-law, He tried not to let anyone know his real feelings, always being strong for the rest of us. But in the end, it was we who needed to be strong for him. We need to ask the Lord above for His blessings for Bernie so that he can rest in peace and know he was loved by all. We need to have strength to endure his loss in our lives and all those who knew him. We needed to maintain our own faith so that he would have the strength to leave us and go on to his Creator. Bernie passed away July 21, 1996 from a single self-inflicted gunshot to the head. On July 20, 1996, he was demonstrating how the safety on his weapon worked and somehow it went off, hitting him in the head. He was given immediate emergency care but after a day of fighting for his life, he lost the fight. He is survived by his wife, Patricia, as well as his (and my) father (Michael) a sister, Edith Ann (Edwin) Goslawski and a brother (me). He was also survivied by a niece Christine and a nephew Anthony. He was also Anthony's godfather. He is also survived by many friends and coworkers. All who knew him will miss him greatly. Rest in peace, Bernard Kohn.

My speech police cadets written 03/97 on gun safety

The memo I sent to police cadets written 12/96

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